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On-demand programs for customers and partners

Alongside the programs carried out in house, DEINOVE has signed partnerships with manufacturers interested in the innovative properties of the strains in its library. The target applications concern DEINOVE’s 3 main fields of business: Healthcare, Nutrition and Cosmetics.

In the area of animal feed, 2 R&D projects carried out in partnerships are underway and have been made public:

In September 2014, DEINOVE signed a 3-year cooperation contract with the Avril Group (formerly Sofiprotéol), the reference in the French oils and proteins sector. The partnership with DEINOVE deals with the development of a production process for natural additives for animal feed. In the long run, the two partners aspire to achieve the industrial bioproduction of these additives and to launch new lines of animal nutrition products. Targeted human diet applications will also be studied.

The two partners successfully completed the 1st key step of this project in May 2015 and the 2nd key step in April 2017. This resulted in validating the effectiveness and bioavailability of the compounds produced by the 7 strains selected by DEINOVE during the 1st phase. When added to the feed of farm animals in a field station, the compounds produced by these strains were well assimilated by their organisms and produced the desired effects. The COLOR2B project has entered its last phase, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018 and aims at:

  • Selecting and optimizing 1 or 2 high-performing strains,
  • Optimizing production conditions (by fermentation technology) and the processes for preparing the active ingredients,
  • Defining the most profitable technical-economic conditions for production,
  • Undertaking the required regulatory formalities to begin marketing these active ingredients.

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Steps in the COLOR2B project


At the end of 2015, DEINOVE signed a research partnership with Flint Hills Resources, a leader in refining, petrochemicals and biofuels in the United States and a subsidiary of Koch Industries – one of the largest private companies in the world.

Both partners seek to define the conditions for mass bioproduction processes for natural additives in animal nutrition.

This 17-month project includes screening the library’s 6,000 strains, identifying and then optimizing bacteria capable of growing under good conditions – using raw materials provided by Flint Hills Resources – and producing the desired compounds in sufficient quantities. If successful, the two partners will study a licensing agreement for the technology developed during this project.

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Steps in the R&D project with Flint Hills Resources


In the area of cosmetic ingredients

in March 2017, DEINOVE starts a collaboration with GREENTECH, major player in the production and distribution of biotechnologically obtained ingredients. The partnership aims to co-develop and market new active ingredients for skin care and its ambition is to bring to market a first ingredient within 18 to 24 months

GREENTECH develops and produces high-tech active ingredients originating from the plant, marine and microbial world, exploiting the most innovative biotechnologies to transform natural ingredients into active ingredients. Founded 25 years ago, and with subsidiaries in Germany, the US and Brazil, GREENTECH now sells a hundred active ingredients derived from biodiversity to cosmetics manufacturers in over 30 countries.

GREENTECH has chosen DEINOVE to develop new active substances from its panel of extremophile bacteria. DEINOVE had already screened its strains to identify activities sought after in the cosmetics industry. The GREENTECH and DEINOVE R&D teams will continue testing and working on the production, purification, and formulation of several compounds with the goal of bringing a first ingredient to market by the end of 2018.

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Projects with other partners have been initiated and are in the validation phase, notably in the cosmetics field.

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