Carotenoids program

Natural carotenoids with high added value

With the extraordinary potential of Deinococci and the high performances of the metabolic and fermentation engineering platform at DEINOVE, a wide variety of green chemistry applications can be envisaged

The studies carried out by DEINOVE on the potential applications of carotenoids have validated the value of these molecules in cosmetics applications and in healthcare, markets with high added value in which DEINOVE can foresee various revenue models, either through licensing or by direct production of compounds with partners, with no need for heavy industrial investments.

DEINOVE’s priority applications deal with:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Cosmetics ingredients (antioxidants, UV protection)
  • Dyes for human and animal foods (pigments)

In February 2016, DEINOVE announced it had increased the number of molecules accessible, now with 5 carotenoids produced in the laboratory and yields improved by a factor of 6 to 8, depending on the molecule. In June 2016, DEINOVE validated the second key step of the Deinochem program, which led to a €1.5 million payment by ADEME. The deliverables confirmed the progress made in the development of Deinococcus strains that are hyperproductive for carotenoids. The main progress concerns the sequencing and annotation of some one hundred strains, strengthening fermentation capacities (tenfold) and achieving the target production yields, up to 5 times greater than for the wild strain. In November 2016, DEINOVE has entered into a significant collaboration with Processium, a company specialized in process design, to design and set up the process for a subcontracted industrial production of carotenoid batches. In December 2016, DEINOVE validated the 3rd key step of this program, after the performance targets were met for the production of the compounds of interest. Le Company received €0.8 million as a payment by ADEME.

The company aims to market its first carotenoids in 2018.


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