Programmes and Applications

In-house programs and partnerships in each strategic field of application

DEINOVE combines its biological assets and its technological platform to bring about radical innovations in fields with high added value for the entire company, meeting public health challenges and consumer needs.

The fields of application targeted are:

  • Healthcare, with research and development on new antibiotics meeting a major medical need and exploiting the therapeutic properties of other compounds such as carotenoids, which can be useful in the fields of inflammation, skin problems, etc.
  • Nutrition, with the development of molecules with dyeing, antioxidant or nutritional properties (proteins, enzymes, etc.) that are of interest for the human diet and animal feed.
  • Cosmetics and skincare products, with antioxidant and anti-aging molecules, moisturizers, texturizing agents, etc.

Today, the company has two in-house programs for the development of new antibiotics and natural carotenoids and also shares its expertise in partnership programs with Avril, Flint Hills Resources and other early-stage programs, for which the partners have not yet been announced publically, with progress made toward their scientific validation. At the same time, DEINOVE has set up a program for identifying other useful compounds at its strain library, the goal being to develop new in-house or partnership programs.

All efforts are focused on achieving the goals of these programs and generating revenue within the shortest timeframe possible.


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